How It Works

The Minnesota K-12 Education Credit (“Tax Credit”) was created by state law in 1997 to help families pay for afterschool activities, but it relies on families paying for activities up front and then waiting for reimbursement in their tax refund.  Waiting for the reimbursement of hundreds, even up to a thousand, dollars can be hard for many families.

Thanks to the generosity of donors, Minnesota Afterschool Advance (MAA) is able to eliminate this wait for families—giving you the dollars to enroll in afterschool programs now!

How Minnesota Afterschool Advance Works

Step 1: Complete the online application for each child in your family you wish to have participate.

Step 2: MAA reviews your application to determine your eligibility.

Step 3: If you are eligible, MAA invites you to select the afterschool programs you want to participate in.  Once you pay the required family contribution of 25% of the price of the activities, MAA will add its 75% to the child’s account.

Step 4: Participate in your activities!  MAA will pay the service provider directly using the dollars in your account.

Step 5: At the end of the year, file your taxes with the help of free tax preparation resources we make available to you and elect to receive the Tax Credit.  The Tax Credit will be sent directly to MAA to reimburse the amount we paid, allowing us to use the dollars again for you or another family.

For more details, visit our FAQs page.

You can also learn more about the Tax Credit from the Minnesota Department of Revenue.