How do you afterschool?


Whether it’s music lessons, robotics camp, tutoring, driver’s ed or more,
Minnesota Afterschool Advance helps students and their families fund their
afterschool goals through the Minnesota K-12 Education Tax Credit.



Determine if You’re Eligible

Students of Minnesota families in grades K-12 may be eligible for afterschool funds through the K-12 Education Credit if they meet certain income guidelines.

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Apply to Get up to $1,000 Per Child Per Year

Minnesota Afterschool Advance provides families with no-interest, no-fee funds of up to $1,000, and the State of Minnesota pays us back when you file your taxes.

Apply today to access this powerful, under-used resource.

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See What Programs are Available

We are frequently expanding to new locations and adding new programming. We are able to provide up to 75% off existing activities in your community.

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