Shell Lake Music Production Camp: Level 2 - Week 1

Music Production Camp Level 2.png
Music Production Camp Level 2.png

Shell Lake Music Production Camp: Level 2 - Week 1


Required Family Contribution: $130.00
Meals and Lodging: $130.00
Credit Card Processing Fee: $8.07
MAA Contribution (amount loaned to you): $390.00

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Date: 7/21/2019 - 7/26/19

Time: Overnight Residential Camp

Location: Shell Lake Arts Center, Shell Lake, WI

Age Requirement: For students who have completed grades 6 - 11

Faculty: Jake Carlson

Description: Come learn with the professional recording engineer Jake Carlson in the Shell Lake Arts Center Recording Studio this summer! Music production camp is a week of hands-on music production and audio engineering study! Students will learn both creative and technical skills beneficial to arranging, producing and recording using industry standard computer software. Taught by industry professionals, this course covers the basics of working in a studio environment in an exciting way that enables students to create their own original art as well as capture the sounds of others. No previous experience needed! At the end of the program, students will leave with a CD and an archived copy of the recordings they made while at camp. 

Prerequisites:  Level 2 is designed for campers who have attended the Music Production Camp before or first-time campers that already have a basic understanding of music production and Pro Tools software. Campers will learn more advanced production techniques as well as advanced software workflow.

Students will learn:

Recording Tools and Software: Students will learn about recording software, MIDI devices (controllers used to input musical data) and audio interfaces (the process of recording audio and manipulating it within the computer.) In a nutshell, this will show students what tools are needed to create original musical content using a computer.

Location Recording: Students will learn how to capture sound in a live setting. This could be anything from recording a single instrument to recording an entire ensemble performance using multiple microphones and a computer. The recordings that students gather will then be edited and mixed using recording software. 

Students will need to bring: 1 USB flash drive or hard drive with a minimum of 64GB of storage.  All other equipment provided!

Visit the Shell Lake Arts Center website for more details.